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Conference metadata management is notoriously challenging because conference metadata is distributed at different sources (easychair, publisher, conference organizer) and is maintained/published in may forms (e.g. HTML web pages and PDF proceedings). In the light of offloading the tedious routines (e.g. copy and paste, validate and republish) to machine power, RDF-based conference metadata has been collected and published since ISWC 2004. So far, the "Semantic Web Dog Food" (SWDF) server ( has hosted metadata from 30+ conferences (including ISWC, ESWC and WWW). This year, we seek for ideas and practices to unveil and enhance the value of the basic ISWC2012 metadata. Below is a list of sample topics

  • More data, e. g., on-site activities, social interaction, authors' country.
  • Higher quality, e.g. are all names correct? what is the current affiliation of the author?
  • Social Mash-ups, e.g. shall we linked to Open Graph? how to get tweets linking to a talk?
  • Linked Data Mash-ups, e.g. linking to DBPedia and beyond?
  • Cool conference metadata management apps, e.g. Mobile apps ( )

Get Involved

  • Download the basic ISWC2012 metadata from Github:
  • Play around with the metadata, build cool ideas and apps
  • Share your practice on blog or Twitter using hashtag #iswc2012metadata – let’s race by number of new followers
  • Email your story to organizers and we'll get it posted on this site
  • Meet-up at ISWC2012

Sample Projects



  • Li Ding (Qualcomm) lidingpku AT gmail
  • Jie Bao (Samsung Information System America) baojie AT gmail