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Uses Node.js and Leap Motion to control an AR Drone and stream video to the browser.
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Control an AR Drone 2.0 using a Leap Motion / keyboard and display video & control visualization in browser.

How to Fly

  1. Hold hand above Leap Motion controller
  2. To takeoff, gesture with your pointer finger as though left clicking a mouse
  3. Keeping fingers together as though saluting, move hand right to move drone right, up to move drone up and forward to move drone forward
  4. To rotate, make a circle with pointer finger in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion
  5. To land, gesture with pointer finger as though left clicking a mouse


Node.js for server Express for web app deployment Faye for publishing and subscribing between leap, server and drone Leap.js for converting leap motions into javascript jQuery for browser displays and accessing keypresses for optional keyboard controls

Learn More - Read my blog post about why I did this and what I hope for the future

YouTube Video of Drone in Flight


Thanks to @phillipalexander for introducing me to Faye, @felixge for AR-Drone and @bkw for Dronestream

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