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pandoc-crossref is a pandoc filter for numbering figures, equations, tables and cross-references to them.

Input file (like demo.md) can be converted into html, latex, pdf, md or other formats.

Optionally, you can use cleveref for latex/pdf output, e.g. cleveref pdf, cleveref latex, and listings package, e.g. listings pdf, listings latex

You can also enable per-chapter numbering (as with --chapters for latex output). You need to specify -M chapters for non-latex/pdf output however. Examples: html, markdown, latex, pdf.

This work is inspired by pandoc-fignos and pandoc-eqnos by @tomduck.

This package tries to use latex labels and references if output type is LaTeX. It also tries to supplement rudimentary LaTeX configuration that should mimic metadata configuration by setting header-includes variable.


Assuming you already installed Haskell platform, you can install pandoc-crossref with cabal:

cabal update
cabal install pandoc-crossref

However, I highly recommend you use a sandbox for installation, e.g.

cabal update
mkdir pandoc-crossref
cd pandoc-crossref
cabal sandbox init
cabal install pandoc-crossref

This will get pandoc-crossref installed into .cabal-sandbox/bin. Pandoc will also be built, if it's not installed as a Haskell library system-wide. You might also want to install pandoc-citeproc in the same sandbox, if that's the case (cabal install pandoc-citeproc).

There are a few pre-built executables available at releases page for Windows, OSX and Linux. Bear in mind that those are a product of an automated build script, and as such, provided as-is, with zero guarantees.

Alternatively, you can use a version provided by a third party. At the time of writing, pandoc-crossref is provided on the following platforms (that I am aware of):

  • Arch Linux
  • NixOS or Nix package manager (via nixpkgs.haskellPackages attribute)
  • MacOS (via homebrew)
  • Gentoo Linux (via gentoo-haskell overlay)

Notice Fedora users

cabal-install package is not enough to build pandoc-crossref (see #132). To get sane Haskell build environment, you need to install haskell-platform package (yum install haskell-platform).

While on topic, if you don't want to rebuild Pandoc itself from source, make sure you have pandoc and ghc-pandoc-devel yum packages before attempting to build pandoc-crossref.


Usage information is available at https://lierdakil.github.com/pandoc-crossref/


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

See LICENSE for details.

© 2016 Nikolay Yakimov et al

Contributors (per GPL, holders of copyright on their respective contributions):

  • Nikolay Yakimov
  • Raphael Das Gupta
  • Masamichi Hosoda
  • Felix Yan
  • Wlad
  • scoavoux
  • Matthew Salganik
  • Han Joosten
  • Hadrien Mary
  • Chris Black
  • Bart Mesuere