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Implementation of parts of the Spotify playlist API.

Hopefully this will allow for more services around Spotify as it makes editing playlists much easier than using libspotify.

It's a web server (listens at port 1337 by default) that talks to Spotify using libspotify. JSON is assumed as input and output.

spotify-api-server is an experiment with C, libspotify, evented I/O (libevent) and GPL.

Supported API methods


GET /playlist/{id} -> <playlist>
GET /playlist/{id}/collaborative -> {collaborative:<boolean>}
GET /playlist/{id}/subscribers -> [<string>]

POST /playlist <- {title:<string>} -> <playlist>
POST /playlist/{id}/add?index <- [<track URI>] -> <playlist>
POST /playlist/{id}/remove?index&count -> <playlist>
POST /playlist/{id}/collaborative?enabled=<boolean> -> <playlist>
POST /playlist/{id}/patch <- [<track URI>] -> <playlist>

patch replaces all tracks in a playlist with as few adds and removes as possible by first performing a diff between the playlist and the new tracks and then applying the changes.


POST /user/{user}/inbox <- {message:<string>, tracks:[<track URI>]}

message is optional.

How to build

  1. Make sure you have the required libraries

    • subversion (libsvn-dev) and its dependency, libapr
    • libevent
    • jansson > 2.0
  2. Update account.c with your credentials. A Spotify premium account is necessary.

  3. Copy appkey.c into the directory and run make.

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