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Fast and secure Ransomware for Linux DB Servers with Elliptic Curves and Stream ciphers.
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Meliora is a Latin adjective meaning "better". It is the neuter plural (nominative or accusative) form of the adjective "melior, -or, -us". It may be used in the accusative and substantively (i.e., as a noun) to mean "better things", "always better", "ever better", or, more fully, "for the pursuit of the better".

DISCLAIMER: This is only for testing/educational purposes and can only be used on your own pc or where strict consent has been given. Do not use this for illegal purposes.


This is a fast and secure ransomware for Linux DB Servers , so it has been successfully tested on Centos 7 and Red Hat 7.


  • Sosemanuk, stream cipher instead of block ciphers, because of improving performance 727 Mib/sec.
  • Elliptic curves (ECIES) instead of RSA, because of improving security.
  • Regex to find files.
  • Static compile insted of shared libraries, because of improving execution.
  • Secure deletion with Gutman method one pass.


Maybe you can share my passion for cryptography, linux, security and learning, if so this will be funny for you. This code was made in 2013 and forgotten, but today it's alive.


  • Because I like, so simple.
  • I am so grateful with open source community, thanks to all the people who has been written something to share their knowledge with the world... with us.

Educational goals

  • Learn cryptography
  • Learn Linux
  • Learn cryptopp
  • Learn Security

See learning.txt


Imagine a Database server wich databases are big, you can't install new packages. So a ransomeware needs:

  • run without dependencies
  • run fast


yum group install "Development Tools"
yum install glibc-static
yum install libstdc++-static
yum install cryptopp cryptopp-devel

make libcryptopp.a
cp  libcryptopp.a /usr/lib64/libcrypto.a

git clone
cd meliora
g++ -static -O2   melgen.cpp -o melgen -lcryptopp
// Edit config.h 
g++ -static -O2   melen.cpp -o melen -lcryptopp
g++ -static -O2   melde.cpp -o melde -lcryptopp

Next Steps

  • Add multithreading
  • Add LKM

if I can help you in something just let know, liesware 4t liesware d0t com , or if you want to contribute/improve or if you have a better idea please write me.

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