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{# You only need the previous line if you use the OctoberCMS Template Language extension in VS Code #}
{# The following line isn't actually required, it just shows you how you can assign a property of this component
instance to a page variable: #}
{% set galleryitems = %}
Drop your own code here. For example:
{% for galleryitem in %}
<a href="{{ galleryitem.url }}" target="_blank">
<img src="{{ galleryitem.url | resize(280, false, { mode: 'portrait', quality: '90', extension: 'png' }) }}" alt="{{ galleryitem.fileName }}" style="margin: 20px;" />
{% endfor %}
Hint: To dig into the gallery (or any other) variable/collection, you have two options.
You can simply add
{{ dump( }}
on your page after the component definition and it will print debug information about that
variable straight in your page. Alternatively, you can install the Debugbar plugin and then add
{{ debug( }}
to your page to show debug information in the Laravel debugbar. To see all public properties
of a galleryItem, do:
{{ debug( }}.
Make sure to replace "embeddedGallery" with the alias of your component as set in the component options!
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