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emacs lisp のためのもうひとつのテストフレームワーク
Emacs Lisp
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yatest - yet another testing framework.

First step. Define the test like a following form.

(eval-after-load "yatest"
  '(yatest::define-test my-project my-test-name
     (yatest "simple case of using `my-hoo'."
       (eq 123 (yatest::p "the return value of my-hoo." (my-hoo 321))))))

Next step. Load yatest.el .

M-: (require 'yatest)

Last step. Run test.

 M-x yatest::run
 project? :  my-project
 test? : my-test-name

yatest::run popups the buffer that contains result of the test with fancy faces.

yatest.el provides following forms and commands.

  • yatest::define-test - Defines your test.
  • yatest::p - Output the value in your test.
  • yatest - Define a case of the test.
  • yatest::run - Runs a individual test or all tests of specified project.
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