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This repository has been archived by the owner on Oct 7, 2020. It is now read-only.


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whapp-irc is not supported anymore, and probably never will be anymore by me. Feel free to fork. or or are all alternatives.


a simple whatsapp web <-> irc gateway

take a look at the quick and cool setting up guide


  • private chats;
  • group chats, with op for admins;
  • kicking, inviting, and stuff;
  • LIST, WHO (with online/offline state);
  • joining chats;
  • converts names to irc safe names as much as possible;
  • receiving files, hosts it as using a HTTP file server;
  • receiving locations, will send a Google Maps link to the location;
  • receiving reply messages;
  • generating QR code;
  • saves login state to disk;
  • replay using whapp-irc/replay capability;
  • IRCv3 server-time support;
  • no configuration needed;
  • probably some stuff I forgot.


irc client

To use whapp-irc optimally you should set the following client capabilities:

  • server-time (this will show the time when the message was sent in whatsapp in your IRC client, instead of when the bridge received it);
  • whapp-irc/replay (this will replay all the messages the bridge missed, for example: when the bridge is turned off. The bridges stores the timestamp of the last message for every chat on disk and will send all newer messages to the client).

environment variables

All configuration is done using environment variables. Quick and simple.

  • HOST: the IP/domain used to generate the URLs to media files;
  • FILE_SERVER_PORT: the port used for the file httpserver, if not 80 it will be appended to the URLs;
  • IRC_SERVER_PORT: the port to listen on for IRC connections;
  • LOG_LEVEL: normal (default) or verbose, if verbose it will log all communication between whapp-irc and the chromium instance;
  • MAP_PROVIDER: The map provider to use for location messages: can be one of googlemaps (default) or openstreetmap.


It's recommend to use the docker image. It's also the only supported version, since this way we have a consistent, predictable and reproducible version.

To run:

docker run -d \
	--name whapp-irc \
	-p 6667:6060 \
	-p 3000:3000 \

local build

if you want to build whapp-irc locally (no guaranty it works with your chromium version and what not), make sure you have go, dep, and chromium. Then, clone the repo in your $GOPATH and run: ./make.bash.


#whapp-irc on freenode, you can mention lieuwex if nobody responds.