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Desktop app that helps generate building inspection reports
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Inspector's Gadget


Inspector's Gadget is a desktop GUI application that streamlines the process of generating building inspection reports.

A building inspection report involves three things:

  1. Photos taken of the building
  2. Floor plan of the building
  3. PDF report of all building defects and recommended actions taken (if any)

A building inspection report is done as follows: the engineer walks around the building and takes photos of all structural features and defects (if any).

The engineer will then annotate the floor plan, showing where the defects are in the building. Here's what that looks like:

The final report includes the annotated floor plan, the table of captioned photos and final recommendations by the engineer.

Generating this final report manually is a very time-consuming process and this application streamlines the process by 75%.

Feature showcase

Upload floor plan

Upload photos and tag floor plan

The smart tagging feature shows you a preview of the photo while you're tagging it so you don't need to switch windows.

Move tag position

If you have made a mistake in placing a tag, simply right-click to reposition the tag.

Comment on building defects

Annotate building photos within the application itself.

Save and load floor plans

The save and load feature lets you work on multiple projects at once and even have multiple versions of the same project.

Exported report

The final product: an automatically-generated building inspection report.

Real-world usage results

Given by the client for the period August–September 2017

  • Reports generated : 340
  • Hours taken to generate report without software: 4x340
  • Hours taken to generate report with software: 1x340
  • Man-hours saved: 1020 (3x340)

Intangible benefits:

  1. Improved quality of work
  2. More focus on defect observed
  3. More time spent on recommendation
  4. Overall improvement of 85% on cycle time per report
  5. Easy summary of common defects
  6. Easy access to information for analysis and conclusion
  7. Report format easier for [professional engineers] to do final review and approval for submission.

Getting started


Download Inspector's Gadget from the releases page and run inspectors-gadget.exe.

To build for Windows (on Linux), download the latest electron release, rename it to inspectors-gadget-win, then run Make sure to increment the version number in both package.json and dist/package.json.

All other OSes

git clone ""
cd inspectors-gadget
npm run start

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