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What I learned from this project


  • My first native (read: .exe) app of significant complexity
  • My first app that's used on a regular, daily basis, by a commercial organisation, for profit.

Frameworks and libraries

  • Rudimentary Vue.js (seems like I've only scratched the surface: haven't used components, only one big global object)
  • Rudimentary Electron (main and renderer process, but didn't use the main process much)
  • localForage (this is the first time I've had to store data locally)
  • vex (non-blocking dialog boxes)

Build tools

  • Using webpack to build multiple source files
  • How to create and import modules

Software engineering

  • Packaging and releasing a piece of software (I used Github's releases function. This is also the first time I have created a JS Windows executable. For form-emailer I believe I used cxFreeze, for Python.)

Things I already knew but got to practice

  • HTML5 canvas
  • Writing clean code and refactoring
  • Splitting up code into different files
  • Working with promises
  • Working with the file system

My thoughts

  • I have spent about 100 hours on this project at this point; it should be (more or less) feature complete
  • I really enjoy the idea of building software that helps someone streamline their workflow
  • It's a good feeling to know that your software is being used by users
  • I also like the feeling of being able to create a piece of software all the way from ideation to production; it gives me a sense of accomplishment
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