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Valkyrie RCP

Valkyrie-RCP’s mission is to provide an elegant way to build highly-configurable, GUI-standards-following rich-client applications faster by leveraging the Spring Framework, and a rich library of UI factories and support classes. Initial focus is on providing support for Swing applications but a goal of Valkyrie-RCP is to be view agnostic as much as possible.

The goal of Valkyrie-RPC is to provide a viable option for developers that need a platform and a best-practices guide for constructing Swing applications quickly.


I’m not the author of this framework, neither related to the author, so please thanks lievendoclo for his work.

What is it ?

A fork of Valkyrie RCP, which is itself an evolution of Spring Rich Client.

The Valkyrie documentation is available here.

Why ?

Because the original project seems to be dead :(

And so, what’s new ?

  • Removed the @Configurable system, no longer is AspectJ needed to use Valkyrie RCP
  • Fixed RCP-613
  • Fixed RCP-622
  • Fixed RCP-634
  • Started on integrating Jide Docking into the framework. Not yet production-ready.
  • Upgraded Spring dependencies to lastest version

How to get the released versions ?


Just add this to your pom.xml file:

The dependencies:



The dependencies:

dependencies {
        compile group: 'org.valkyriercp', name:'valkyrie-rcp-core', version:'2.0'

How do I get my IDE to work and run samples

IntelliJ IDEA 12+

Just open the project in IntelliJ using the build.gradle file.

I found a bug, what can I do ?

Feel free to fork this repo, and make a pull request. Ideally, write a test !

How to build

Just clone the repository, and then use a ./gradlew build command.
The build uses the Gradle wrapper, so you don’t need a local Gradle install.


To build the documentation with gradle, you’ll need to navigate to the valkyrie-rcp-manual folder and issue a gradle reference
command. If you want a zip with the documentation, use gradle build.

The documentation is provided as a single html, multi-page html and PDF.


Big thanks to lievendoclo for his work on this !

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