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GWeb: golang + js + wasm

gweb -- strictly typed WebAPI library on top of syscall/js. Like flow or TypeScript but for Go. You need it if you want to interact with browser from wasm-compiled Go program.


  • Strictly typed. It's a wrapper around syscall/js that helps you to avoid runtime errors (you'll get them a lot with raw syscall/js).
  • Backward compatible. Almost every type is a wrapper around js.Value. So if something missed, you can always fall back to the classic syscall/js calls.
  • Hand crafted. It's hard to make a usable autogeneration of WebAPI since Go is a strictly typed language without union types. So we carefully translated everything while applying Go best practices.
  • Cleaned up. The library provides only useful methods and attributes from WebAPI. No obsolete and deprecated methods, no experimental APIs that are only supported by a few engines. Only what we really need right now.
  • Almost the same API as in JS. If you have experience with vanilla JS, you have almost learnt everything about the libray.
  • But better. WebAPI has a long history of incremental changes and spaces for unimplemented dreams. However, we can see the full picture to provide a better experience and more namespaces.
  • Documented. Every method is documented to save your time and reduce googling.


GOOS=js GOARCH=wasm go get

If you're using VSCode, it's recommend to create a .vscode/settings.json file in your project with the following content:

    "go.toolsEnvVars": {
        "GOARCH": "wasm",
        "GOOS": "js",
    "go.testEnvVars": {
        "GOARCH": "wasm",
        "GOOS": "js",

Error handling

In the beautiful JS world anything at any time can be null or undefined. Check it when you're not sure:

doc := web.GetWindow().Document()
el := doc.Element("some-element-id")
if el.Type() == js.TypeNull {
    // handle error

Missed API

If something is missed, use syscall/js-like methods (Get, Set, Call etc):

doc := web.GetWindow().Document()
el := doc.Element("some-element-id")
name = el.Get("name").String()


GWeb is a collection of a few packages:

  • web (docs) -- window, manipulations with DOM.
  • audio (docs) -- Web Audio API. Use web.GetWindow().AudioContext() as an entry point.
  • canvas (docs) -- canvas-related objects. Use web.GetWindow().Document().CreateCanvas() to get started.
  • css (docs) -- manage styles for HTML elements.


Contributions are welcome! GWeb is a Open-Source project and you can help to make it better. Some ideas what can be improved:

  • Every function and object should have short description based on MDN Web API docs. Some descriptions are missed.
  • Also, every function that calls a Web API method should have a link in docs for that method.
  • Typos are very possible, don't be shy to fix it if you've spotted one.
  • More objects and methods? Of course! Our goal is to cover everything in WebAPI! Well, excluding deprecated things. See Features section to get feeling what should be there.
  • Found a bug? Fix it!

And even if you don't have spare time for making PRs, you still can help by talking to your friends and subscribers about GWeb. Thank you ❤️

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