Live Linux distribution based around the console and tiling window managers
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Live distribution focusing on Tiling WM's (currently XMonad, Subtle, and DWM)

This is a code overhaul using a more robust build system after the demise of the 'larch' build scripts

Legal Notice

[project2501] is licensed under GNU General Public License Version 3 {GPL3}.

Please note: I do not modify any license or copyright information of Arch Linux or any of the components included within my distribution whatsoever. I am also not responsible for any damage that this, or any supplied software, causes to your computer/equipment. Use at your own risk.

This is a highly customized version of XMonad, running both dzen2 (with multiple patches) and conky-cli. This setup is mostly designed around the use of the console, with only 2 possible layouts: ResizableTiled and Full. ResizableTiled is what I use the most, as it provides lots of flexibility in both layout and in resizing.

dwm is vanilla at this point.

subtle is vanilla at this point.

When the system boots up, you will be brought to a normal console login and automatically logged into the system.

Please change your p/w's once you boot into the system!