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There is no installer for the countersheetsextension.

Get the latest version (zip) here:

Version 2.0pre5 and later require Inkscape 0.92 to run. To run in older versions of Inkscape 2.0pre4 or older must be downloaded (but it is recommended to instead upgrade Inkscape and use the latest version of the extension).

Unzip it somewhere. The zip contains examples that are used in various guides on this wiki, so it is good to keep the unzipped contents where they are easy to find.

Copy the files and countersheets.inx to the Inkscape extensions folder. The correct location can be found by searching locally for Where that file is, that is where the two files from the extension should go. On Windows this might be something like C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions.

Then start Inkscape, or restart it if it was already running.

Now Create Countersheet should appear in the Boardgames submenu of the Extensions menu in Inkscape.

When you have made it that far you are ready to try to follow the instructions to make Your First Countersheet or Cards.

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