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Open Source Software at LifeOmic

LifeOmic's platform spans the continuum of health care from prevention and wellness to diagnosis, management, treatment and research.

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LifeOmic is committed to open-source. Our platform is powered by it and our team contributes upstream whenever possible. Our projects follow the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct and will enforce this standard in our public channels. We welcome forks, PRs, and feedback through our projects.


  1. cli cli Public

    A CLI app that provides functionality around the LifeOmic platform.

    JavaScript 20 21

  2. phc-sdk-py phc-sdk-py Public

    The phc-sdk-py is a developer kit for interfacing with the PHC API on Python 3.8 and above.

    Python 1 2

  3. chroma-react chroma-react Public

    Open source design system from LifeOmic, built with React

    TypeScript 48 9

  4. react-native-sdk react-native-sdk Public

    React-native components for building a mobile app against the LifeOmic Platform.

    TypeScript 2 1

  5. alpha alpha Public

    Unified client for HTTP services

    TypeScript 20 7

  6. blamda blamda Public

    Bundle lambdas really fast!

    TypeScript 7


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