LifO: An ontology of the life of organism
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The Life Ontology (LifO) is an ontology of the life of organism.

LifO represents the life processes of organisms and related entities and relations. LifO is a general purpose ontology that covers the common features associated with different types of organisms such as unicellular prokaryotes (e.g., E. coli) and multicellular organisms (e.g., human).

LifO is developed based on the OneNet Theory of Life. The OneNet theory is described in the paper: He Y. Ontology-based vaccine and drug adverse event representation and theory-guided systematic causal network analysis towards integrative pharmacovigilance research. Current Pharmacology Reports. 2016 Jun;2(3):113-128. DOI: 10.1007/s40495-016-0055-0. PMID: 27458549. PMCID: PMC4957564. See more information at:


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