TextMate support for Ledger 3 (http://www.ledger-cli.org)
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TextMate support for Ledger 3. Read about Ledger here.

For detailed documentation, visit the wiki page.

This bundle provides:

  • Support for the full syntax of Ledger 3.
  • Snippets to quickly insert a transaction or a posting.
  • Commands to print various reports.
  • Charts and statistics (requires R).
  • Commands to export your data into CSV format, both in double-entry and in single-entry format (requires TextMate 2.0.0-alpha.9321 or later).

Currently available reports include:

  • Balance and cleared report.
  • Budget report.
  • Cash flow report.
  • Debit/Credit report.
  • Expense report.
  • Weekly/monthly net worth.
  • Weekly/monthly expenses for the given accounts.
  • Weekly/monthly average for the given accounts.
  • Savings rate report.