Convert CSV files into KeePass 2 XML files.
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From CSV into KeePass 2 XML

This is a simple Ruby script that will convert any CSV file into an XML document compatible with the KeePass 2 format.


The script depends on the htmlentities library. To install it:

gem install htmlentities

Depending on your Ruby configuration, you may need to run this command with sudo.


$ ./csv2keepassxml --help
Usage: csv2keepassxml [options] <path>

NOTE: Column indexes are 1-based.

    -g, --group NUM                  Column index for categories
    -n, --notes NUM                  Column index for notes
    -p, --password NUM               Column index for passwords
    -t, --title NUM                  Column index for titles
    -u, --username NUM               Column index for usernames
    -U, --url NUM                    Column index for URLs
    -T, --tags NUM,NUM,...           Column index(es) for tags
        --tags-separator SEP         Tag separator (default: ';')
    -F, --custom-fields NUM,NUM,...  Column index(es) for custom fields
    -d, --dbname NAME                Name of the database
    -H, --[no-]header                Parse a CSV with/without header
    -M, --macoskeychain              Parse the output of CSVKeychain
    -h, --help                       Prints this help
    -v, --[no-]verbose               Be verbose

If your CSV does not contain some data (e.g., it does not have a column with notes), simply leave out the corresponding option.

Option -M is specifically for importing CSV files generated by CSVKeychain. If you use -M you do not need to specify any column mappings (except possibly for tags and custom fields).

If you use macOS, the generated XML file may be imported by MacPass (v0.6.2-alpha or later) or KeeWeb.

KeePassXC can import CSV files, although, as far as I know, as of v2.2.0 it cannot import tags or custom fields.

KyPass Companion for macOS has a CSV importer, too.