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Homebrew formulae for Apple I/II/III/GS emulators, utilities and such.
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Vintage Apple emulators and related software

Apple I Apple ][ Apple ][+ Apple ][e Jobs and Woz Apple //e Platinum Apple //c Apple ///+ Apple //GS


Homebrew, Homebrew Cask (optional, for casks only).


brew tap lifepillar/appleii

How to install formulas

For Homebrew formulas (programs built from source and/or launched from the command line) use:

brew install <formula name>

For casks (files inside the Casks folder, which install already built GUI applications) use:

brew cask install <cask name>


  1. Install the bleeding edge version of OpenEmulator from source:

     brew install openemulator --HEAD
  2. Install 4am's snapshot (including Zellyn's patches that add support for the Apple //e):

     brew cask install openemulator
  3. Install GSPort:

     brew cask install gsport

Refer to the documentation of Homebrew and Homebrew Cask for further details about these and other commands.


They are welcome! If you know of some program that is not included here, please let me know!


Why isn't cc65 in this repository?

cc65 is already in Homebrew! (brew install cc65)

Why isn't Virtual ][ in this repository?

Virtual ][ is already in Homebrew Cask! (brew cask install virtual-ii)


The images in this repository have been generated with B. Buckels's b2d and a2b programs. Original files are all from apple-history, with the exception of the Apple I (original from Wikipedia) and the Apple ][e (courtesy of W. Warby). The picture of Jobs and Woz is in so many places that I don't know whether it is copyrighted or may be considered in the public domain.

Off-topic: online emulators

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