The Toolkit for Vim Colorscheme Designers!
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Colortemplate: The Toolkit for Vim Colorscheme Designers!

Colortemplate is a plugin for Vim 8 that allows you to easily develop colorschemes. Its ambitious goal is to become the way to create new colorschemes for Vim!

Colortemplate is based on a very simple but very flexible template format. This is a minimal template:

# vim: ft=colortemplate
Full name:  My Gorgeous Theme
Short name: gorgeous
Author:     Me <>
Maintainer: Me <>

Background: dark

# Color palette
Color:      black #000000 ~
Color:      white #ffffff ~

# Highlight group definitions
Normal white black
# Etc…

Save the template and use :Colortemplate to turn it into a full-fledged colorscheme. For example:

:Colortemplate ~/.vim

will translate your template and write your new shining colorscheme into ~/.vim/colors/gorgeous.vim, ready to be used!

If you want to get a flavor of how Colortemplate can be used in the real world, take a look at Gruvbox 8 and Solarized 8.

Main Features

  • Generates colorschemes that support true colors and 256 colors by default.
  • Generates colorschemes that load efficiently and have a consistent structure following best practices.
  • Has syntax completion for highlight groups, keywords and common colors.
  • Detects a few common mistakes, e.g., missing highlight group definitions.
  • Supports generating any kind of auxiliary files (say, autoload/gorgeous.vim or scripts/
  • Can display information about the highlight group under the cursor.
  • …And more! To get started, see :help ft-colortemplate.

Colortemplate allows you to answer questions about your colorscheme, such as:

  • Are those two colors different enough to be used as a foreground and background pair?
  • Do they have enough contrast? What is their brightness difference?
  • What are the four xterm colors most similar to color 88?
  • How different are GUI colors from their xterm approximations?

Colortemplate also includes functions to generate good looking color palettes!


Do you want to contribute? Do you have any suggestions on how to improve Colortemplate? Open an issue or submit a pull request!

See also the discussion that prompted the creation of this script.