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Creating a Forum for Design in your office

Design Forum arose after months of weekly critique sessions — for more on that, read Paul's blog entry.

In-person time is valuable — we want to take advantage of the fact that we can have a time-slot to gather in-person when necessary. Here are some things that we've found this time to be useful for:

  1. Complex problem something that’s too difficult to collaborate on in Slack.
  2. Team-building activity or necessity a new process, workflow, or planning need.
  3. Design Share occasional presentation on your project progress or a milestone recap.

Sharing at the Forum

If you'd like to share something in your local Forum, add something to the agenda at least 24 hours before the scheduled meeting time.

Forum Guidelines

Keeping in mind that our collective time is very valuable — we’ve established some guidelines:

  1. 100% Optional — if you’ve got a more important conflict like a stakeholder meeting or imminent deadline, don’t attend.
  2. Be Prepared — make sure that you’re making the best use of the time, this can vary depending on the type of activity, but at the very least have a clear goal, agenda, notes and action items.
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