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How to Contribute to the Liferay Design Handbook

See full the full Contributing guidelines for a more exhaustive process.

We definitely appreciate contributions in any form — QA, submitting issues, providing feedback, code, design, etc.

If you're part of the Liferay team in Figma, there's a Liferay.Design project — you can see where we're at and contribute comments, designs, etc there.

If you'd like to help manage deployments, please request to join our Netlify team!

A good place to start is our Issues page!

How To:

  1. Fork the repo.
  2. Clone your fork on your computer (local).
  3. Commit any changes to your local, then push to your origin.
  4. Create a pull request to upstream.

(If "local", "origin", and "upstream" are greek to you, see this top answer on Stack Overflow.)

Important Notes

  1. All work should be done on the master branch (or you can create your own branch and request to merge it with the master branch.

  2. We always Rebase & Merge pull requests so that the commit history is kept as clean as possible — to that end, be sure to follow the best practices outlined below to avoid merge conflicts in your PRs.

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