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Commits on Nov 18, 2013
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1051 Source formatting 6f35922
Commits on Nov 19, 2013
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1051 Always wrap class names with code markdown syntax (this shou…
…ld be replaced with a link)
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1051 Line break should use 80 columns for comments 20d7b50
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1051 Always wrap @param and @type with {Type} for consistency fc4c19a
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1051 Always add @return on methods that returns values 38c796f
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1051 Always use simple present tense on documentation 767c377
@brunobasto brunobasto AUI-972 Diagram builder connectors jump around the canvas on browser …
…resize and scrolling
@brunobasto brunobasto AUI-972 Adding tests 9ec53df
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-972 Source formatting bb627fb
@Robert-Frampton Robert-Frampton AUI-1053 Document aui-color-picker b3c2626
Commits on Nov 20, 2013
@marcellustavares marcellustavares AUI-1034 Predefined value is lost when radio option value is changed 3f509d9
@brunobasto brunobasto AUI-1034 Source formatting de79f02
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1034 Source formatting d8352fc
Commits on Nov 21, 2013
@jonmak08 jonmak08 AUI-1085 - Update AUI Scheduler View Table to show abbreviated weekda…
…y names
Commits on Nov 26, 2013
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1082 Add Grunt task to automate JSHint cba554b
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1082 Add docs for Grunt task to automate JSHint 5fdb76c
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1082 Add `lint` shortcut for JSHint 4dbed1a
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1086 Update structure explanation and fix links that were pointin…
…g to 2.0.x branch
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1088 Move docs from HTML to Markdown f5833b6
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1088 Fix JSBeautify automatic indentation fc8cd0e
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1088 Standardize 80 columns line break 5b0419d
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1079 Expose multiple source dirs in API build/watch tasks 01cbda5
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1079 Add an @include token into all JavaScript files that contain…
…s demos on
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1079 Import code examples from to API Docs ae252f5
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1079 Source formatting f194856
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1079 Use Grunt file glob pattern API to walk only on "src-temp/*/…
…js/*.js" files
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1087 Standardize "@param {Type} name Desc." 04afb61
Commits on Nov 27, 2013
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1053 Source formatting 284867f
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Merge branch 'pr-358'
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Merge branch 'pr-359'
@Robert-Frampton Robert-Frampton AUI-1069 Document aui-timepicker 93e94bc
Commits on Dec 02, 2013
Marc Lundgren AUI-1065 - API Docs a629e48
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1065 Remove class name from @property 2d2307d
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1065 Source formatting b623564
@jonmak08 jonmak08 AUI-1044 - In aui-tree-node Add option to prevent selecting all child…
… nodes in radio and task.
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1065 Source formatting ecc93af
@jonmak08 jonmak08 AUI-1044 - Unit tests 6a0a7c5
Commits on Dec 03, 2013
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1044 - SF 457ff0c
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1091 - Update the selected value on choosing custom color cc817c2
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1091 Source formatting 46661ef
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Merge branch 'pr-363' 47c4043
Commits on Dec 06, 2013
@Robert-Frampton Robert-Frampton AUI-1083 Color picker value slider does not update results preview 386bae4
@Robert-Frampton Robert-Frampton AUI-1083 Tests b606719
@jonmak08 jonmak08 AUI-1083 - Source formatting 7f2808a
Commits on Dec 11, 2013
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1097 Add Browser Support info c1f07e1
Commits on Dec 12, 2013
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1097 Add IE7+ to supported browsers bbc2297
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1099 Fix Freemarker's HTML page test f57f989
@pat270 pat270 AUI-1092 - Add option to make tooltip stay open on mouseover 5cd5e5c
@pat270 pat270 AUI-1092 - Unit Tests e86347a
Commits on Dec 13, 2013
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1092 Adding stickDuration attribute instead cf73d24
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1092 Update demo 9aa2d3e
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1092 Add _hideTimer prototype reference 47af4c7
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1092 Use event-hover 74d4e6e
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1092 Update tests (tests are failing here) cb406d1
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Regenerate 0180059
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1057 Document aui-datepicker 167077b
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1057 Source formatting 8fd8fde
@ipeychev ipeychev Merge branch 'pr-32' 8ed941a
Commits on Dec 14, 2013
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1083 - Source formatting 72c0347
@ipeychev ipeychev Merge branch 'pr-31' 3c38369
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1083 - Order a7b95f3
Commits on Dec 16, 2013
@pat270 pat270 AUI-1092 - Tooltip should not close when moving mouse from tooltip ba…
…ck to button
@pat270 pat270 AUI-1092 - Tests cca3229
@pat270 pat270 AUI-1092 - Update history a123db5
Commits on Dec 17, 2013
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1092 - SF dfe75f5
@ipeychev ipeychev Merge branch 'pr-33' 4094a5c
Commits on Dec 18, 2013
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1050 Document aui-autosize 932db3e
Commits on Dec 20, 2013
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1063 Document aui-node 55a8eab
Commits on Dec 23, 2013
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1063 Source formatting 75db448
@Robert-Frampton Robert-Frampton AUI-1064 Document aui-pagination fe3a49b
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1064 Source formatting 894e447
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1064 Source formatting 96ccdfc
Commits on Dec 26, 2013
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Enable code instabul coverage 912577f
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Standardize tests for code coverage acae55e
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Yogi loader regenerate 0b9ec06
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Update readme 95cde97
Commits on Dec 28, 2013
@Robert-Frampton Robert-Frampton AUI-1106 Add ability to not render controls in Pagination 052ac96
@Robert-Frampton Robert-Frampton AUI-1106 Pagination tests 82168bf
@Robert-Frampton Robert-Frampton AUI-1106 Image Viewer Gallery styling issues 414f436
@jonmak08 jonmak08 AUI-1106 - Source formatting 6380b0c
Commits on Jan 03, 2014
Marc Lundgren AUI-1105 Absolutely positing elements that end up in an accordian wil…
…l overflow from their container when sliding
@pat270 pat270 AUI-1105 - Update demo to account for absolutely positioned elements effcabd
Marc Lundgren AUI-1050 - AUI-865 fix master demo 74f9cc2
Commits on Jan 07, 2014
@jonmak08 jonmak08 AUI-1112 - Remove top level folder for grunt compress:zip
Revert "AUI-1080 Add dest to compress:zip to create top level folder"

This reverts commit 67d2dfc.
Commits on Jan 09, 2014
@natecavanaugh natecavanaugh Merge branch 'master' into pull-request-240-AUI-1106 d34c2c2
@natecavanaugh natecavanaugh AUI-1106 - Changing from a string to array buffer for memory allocati…
…on improvements
@natecavanaugh natecavanaugh Merge branch 'master' into pull-request-241-AUI-865 68b6765
@natecavanaugh natecavanaugh Merge branch 'master' into pull-request-242-AUI-1105 cbca4b0
Commits on Jan 16, 2014
@jbalsas jbalsas AUI-1107 Make sure all afterVisibleChange listeners have been called …
…before destroying modal with destroyOnHide:true
@jbalsas jbalsas AUI-1107 Fix lint errors 910e5fa
@rafael-lima rafael-lima Uptade link of the IE. e45a21b
@blzaugg blzaugg AUI-1108 Standardize properties across all modules.
@blzaugg blzaugg AUI-1109 Standardize destroy & destructor methods accross all modules 65caa65
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1107 - SF 610b05c
Marc Lundgren AUI-1096 A popover will not center align after its first visible toggle 025ba94
@peterborkuti peterborkuti AUI-1114 Treeview shows hit-place for dropping when dropping is forbi…
@peterborkuti peterborkuti AUI-1114 Update demo - add tree with undraggable elements df60f06
@zenorocha zenorocha Fix browser-logo's repository path 31411f1
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1096 - Improve the logic, add tests 7a9dee5
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1118 Remove unused modules from Grunt tasks b7b0b6c
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1118 Update NodeJS dependencies 3746f75
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1062 Document aui-image-viewer 15bf74d
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1119 Missing submit button on FormValidator demos 4141f92
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1114 Check boolean first than dom operations for performance a1f6801
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1114 Source formatting 20e3858
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1114 Source formatting 9fcd39e
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1096 Source formatting 3baf6ee
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Yogi load regenerate 86a8cda
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1061 Document aui-form-validator e19d72f
Commits on Jan 17, 2014
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1071 Document aui-url 4ee6137
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1072 Document aui-widget 8bbb42d
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1072 Source formatting e71d455
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1067 Document aui-selector fd5ddc2
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1056 Document aui-datatype 4e76aeb
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1054 Document aui-component 6763c9b
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1054 Source formatting 7fc67ba
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1106 Revert 1984800
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1106 Add showControls attribute in a simple way f5718b2
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1106 Add demo for show controls 7295362
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1106 Source formatting 552c988
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1106 Add UI setter for showControls attribute f1d706c
Commits on Jan 20, 2014
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1060 Document aui-form-builder d184e51
Commits on Jan 21, 2014
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1060 Source formatting 75394bc
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Fix timer demo ea3fe8e
Commits on Jan 22, 2014
Marc Lundgren AUI-1111 - AUI Diagram Builder nodes cannot be deleted c15af67
@jonmak08 jonmak08 AUI-1111 - Source formatting f73baa5
@natecavanaugh natecavanaugh AUI-1111 - Source formatting 28a5c2a
Commits on Jan 23, 2014
@blzaugg blzaugg AUI-1124 Correlate input sizes with similar inputs 61c5e1a
Commits on Feb 05, 2014
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1134 - Fix syntax errors in tests 1c6af60
@pat270 pat270 AUI-1092 - Class tooltip-hidden should not be on tooltip element when…
… it is visible
@pat270 pat270 AUI-1092 - Add tests eab3975
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1092 - Source formatting 4ddd7f8
@ipeychev ipeychev Run grunt format 8a2efbf
@jbalsas jbalsas AUI-749 Improve support for input event on IE8 and IE9 cc4670b
@jbalsas jbalsas AUI-749 Modify tests to use Y.Mock instead of custom observe 0f95133
@jbalsas jbalsas AUI-749 Modify toggler-delegate tests to use Y.Mock instead of custom…
… observe
@jbalsas jbalsas AUI-749 Add entry 126f5c3
@jbalsas jbalsas AUI-749 Avoid unnecessary input events and account for IME inputs 9497669
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-749 - SF 38ebcfb
@pablocp pablocp AUI-1130 Escaped field label to prevent the injection of tags in Form…
… Builder's DOM.
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1130 Add dependencies ed37b87
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Yogi alloy regenerate (run grunt build before commit) 3c2ff10
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1132 - Make AUI Rating accessible e57be9d
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1132 - If rating is disabled, prevent item focus 4e1a4ca
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1070 Document aui-timer 7defd89
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1070 Document static methods c95bebc
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1049 Document aui-aria 11cea19
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1066 Document aui-search c58e733
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1052 Document aui-collection 5d71ca4
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1059 Document aui-event be6ee61
Commits on Feb 06, 2014
@pat270 pat270 AUI-1135 - Fix test for ie10 5cc446a
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1135 - SF bdfeb06
@brunobasto brunobasto AUI-1138 TreeNodeTask have a state for when one of its children is un…
@brunobasto brunobasto AUI-1138 Adding tests c2d5a73
Commits on Feb 07, 2014
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1138 - Add entry 4763866
Commits on Feb 10, 2014
@pat270 pat270 AUI-1139 - Fix test#12 IE7 and below uses currentStyle instead of com…
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1139 - SF 02733e0
Commits on Feb 12, 2014
@pat270 pat270 AUI-1141 - tree-hitarea icon should change when treeview is generated…
… from markup
Commits on Feb 13, 2014
@pat270 pat270 AUI-1141 - Test if tree-hitarea icon changes on expand and collapse df98fbf
@pat270 pat270 AUI-1141 - Update history 8a642df
Commits on Feb 14, 2014
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1141 - SF 144db65
Commits on Feb 27, 2014
@natecavanaugh natecavanaugh Adding required --name option to README 0eb8a9e
Commits on Feb 28, 2014
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1068 Document aui-sortable 0d305a2
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1058 Source formatting d3707c1
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1058 Fix typo 6634f19
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1058 Document aui-diagram-builder-base b71450c
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1058 Document aui-diagram-builder-connector 50c399f
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1058 Document aui-diagram-builder-impl 2d48eab
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1058 Fix typo 95899c5
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1058 Source formatting 7892ff8
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1123 Remove duplicated definitions 905e9df
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1123 Standardize A.Component extensions across all modules 9c4d97d
@thiago-rocha thiago-rocha AUI-1162 Decouple animation logic from tooltip-base to a new widget c…
…alled Widget Transition
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1162 Source formatting 653c842
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1058 Source formatting 6f577a7
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1162 Source formatting 8a7b56d
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Yogi alloy regenerate 859952a
@pat270 pat270 AUI-1161 - Aui-search-button should follow input on window resize and…
… when moved in dom
@pat270 pat270 AUI-1161 - Tests 373adfa
@pat270 pat270 AUI-1161 - Update history 7f73271
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1161 - Optimize the solution
 - Add the event handler of windowresize event to the list, so we
would we able to detach it.
 - Add position: relative only once
 - Avoid adding additional class
 - Fix the tests in Firefox when they run via Yeti
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1161 Source formatting c06ebbb
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Yogi alloy regenerate 516a77a
@jonmak08 jonmak08 AUI-1156 - AUI TreeNode does not show "Load More Results" link 692e107
@jonmak08 jonmak08 AUI-1156 - Demo 4183b3c
@jonmak08 jonmak08 AUI-1156 - Tests 8a50bc1
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1156 - Fix tests 0d39623
Commits on Mar 01, 2014
@ipeychev ipeychev AUI-1156 - SF b84e289
Commits on Mar 03, 2014
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren No dashes on alloy.json keys 289acec
Commits on Mar 08, 2014
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1172 Map hashcode for object can conflict with string hashcode e4b7f09
Commits on Mar 10, 2014
@ipeychev ipeychev Retrieve ACE Editor v1.1.2 since the latest master does not work in IE8 0109593
Commits on Mar 11, 2014
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1168 Generated api/ folder needs to be moved before checkout branch 2ef77a8
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1168 Source code path points to src/ instead of src-temp/ folder 1d91740
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1168 Fix YUIDoc lint warnings 39316dd
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1168 Generate API Docs from temp/ folder 47d03fb
@thiago-rocha thiago-rocha AUI-1146 Add attribute delay aa16f09
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1146 Source formatting 84bcf6f
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1146 Prepare the transition synchronously, otherwise it can missa…
…lign the position and cause flashing when displaying
@travisrcory travisrcory AUI-1175 - Long file names extend beyond viewer in image gallery viewer 9c73c7f
@jonmak08 jonmak08 AUI-1175 - Source formatting 2cc4adc
@jonmak08 jonmak08 AUI-1175 - Demo d1d77ba
@thiago-rocha thiago-rocha AUI-1163 Partial remotion 527ba0f
@thiago-rocha thiago-rocha AUI-1163 Fixing missing references c04bbc8
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1163 Source formatting 482e5e6
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1163 Source formatting (grunt format) 2e89d99
Commits on Mar 12, 2014
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1180 Stop formatting files generated by Shifter ef6ec77
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1180 Format files generated by Shifter 9617c8b
Commits on Mar 13, 2014
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1180 Source formatting 28f6735
@thiago-rocha thiago-rocha AUI-1179 Enable use a single value to set show and hide delay on aui-…
@thiago-rocha thiago-rocha AUI-1179 Source formatting cbd1fd2
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1179 Source formatting 230169e
Commits on Mar 26, 2014
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Update YUI to patched-v3.15.0 15727f1
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Fix misterous test e53df9a
Commits on Mar 31, 2014
@brunobasto brunobasto AUI-1191 Browser redirects page when trying to delete the selected co…
@brunobasto brunobasto AUI-1191 Adding tests 696b402
@thiago-rocha thiago-rocha AUI-1202 Typo API Docs from Toggler Delegate ee3b789
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1202 Add missing API Docs markup 707de83
@thiago-rocha thiago-rocha AUI-1203 Moving a node in the diagram builder changes the scrollbar o…
…f window instead of canvas scroll
@peterborkuti peterborkuti AUI-1195 aui-datatable-edit - option can not be added 6a6b121
Commits on Apr 02, 2014
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1211 Fix Y.Button duplicated icon due labelHTML added by YUI 3.15.0 a889879
Commits on Apr 04, 2014
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1217 Update YUI3 to v3.16.0-rc1 (Fixes AUI-1218) ad66965
Commits on Apr 07, 2014
@brunocoelho brunocoelho AUI-1212 Typo on console.time message b756438
@brunocoelho brunocoelho AUI-1227 Typo on AUI Widget Toggle module 217d5f3
@thiago-rocha thiago-rocha AUI-1237 The value of cssClass attribute always comes from the config…
…, ignoring the value assigned
@peterborkuti peterborkuti AUI-1194 select option with empty option-text or value can not be cre…
…ated with aui-datatable-edit
@brunobasto brunobasto AUI-1194 Allow empty values in BaseOptionsCellEditor e84da64
@brunobasto brunobasto AUI-1194 Adding tests fdad463
@peterborkuti peterborkuti AUI-1204 adding html-select for form-validator demo to test required …
…and empty option-value
@brunobasto brunobasto AUI-1204 Source formatting 53d39b1
@brunobasto brunobasto AUI-1204 Adding tests 2399092
@thiago-rocha thiago-rocha AUI-1178 Enable use a function as value to position of Widget-Positio…
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1178 SF 792ad8b
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren grunt format 87f4bc0
@thiago-rocha thiago-rocha AUI-1192 Insert pauseOnHover attribute on Carousel 3b7b826
@zenorocha zenorocha AUI-1192 Source formatting 456444f
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1192 Source formatting a0995c1
Commits on Apr 08, 2014
@jbalsas jbalsas AUI-1217 Fix misterious yui branch 59a82c0
@jbalsas jbalsas AUI-1217 Fix aui-event-input condition for new Loader 8c14d95
@jbalsas jbalsas AUI-1217 Bring back conditions for aui-event-delegate-change and aui-…
@jbalsas jbalsas AUI-1217 Simplify aui-base-html5-shiv trigger 0d0ed1b
Commits on Apr 09, 2014
@istvan-tobias istvan-tobias AUI-1250 The rating display is not correct with floats. 3423fd5
Commits on Apr 10, 2014
@lipusz lipusz AUI-1250 Update rating demo 09eca1a
@natecavanaugh natecavanaugh AUI-1250 - Source formatting 23f13fc
Commits on Apr 16, 2014
@mairatma mairatma AUI-1177 Date disappears from input textbox when choosing the minimum…
…Date from the DatePicker

This bug was happening because when the user clicks on the test field the datepicker code shows the calendar again and sets its dates to the ones in the field's value. Since the text field doesn't have the time information of the selected date (the default mask has only the day, month and year), the date object created from it would have a different time than the original (in the default case it would be the same as the time on the user's computer), though it would still be the same date. The calendar module considers all of its dates as having the time set to 12:00:00, so if the selected date had been equal to the minimimDate option, it would reject it when the user clicked the text field before 12:00:00 (similarly, it would reject dates equal to the maximumDate when the user clicked after 12:00:00).
So what I did was fix the dates being passed to the calendar's selectDates function, adjusting the timestamp to make sure that it won't be rejected when the date is equal to minimumDate or maximumDate.
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren grunt format 66f7f20
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Yogi loader regenerate aa337f9
@mairatma mairatma AUI-1208 Cloned fields displaying hidden attributes
Cloned fields were only receiving the field properties of the original field during creation. Attributes like hiddenAttributes weren't being passed, so this configuration wouldn't be respected for cloned fields.
While fixing this for hiddenAttribute I noticed that this was already happening for all other non-property attributes. I checked these other attributes one by one and this fix is now making sure that the ones that need to be passed over to the cloned field are doing so.
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1208 Source formatting d915515
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren AUI-1271 Update YUI3 to v3.16.0 ca66554
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren Release 2.5.0 23d9c5c