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What is @product@

Choosing a platform for your web presence can be daunting. You want something built on a solid technology foundation, fully featured, fully customizable, easy to use, with a solid record of success, and a forward-looking, bright vision for your site's future. If you're a small organization, the interface should be intuitive enough and the defaults safe enough for you to get your site up quickly, so you can focus on your mission instead of your technology. If you're a large organization, your marketers should be able to update your site's content easily, your developers should have a solid platform on which to build your applications, and your administrators should have all the tools necessary to manage the system and connect it to your existing environment.

You've just found all that in @product@.

@product@ provides a robust platform to build your site on quickly and serve it to all clients---desktop, mobile, or anything in between. It provides all the standard applications you need your site to run. It provides an easy to use development framework for new applications or customization. On top of this, @product@ is developed using an open source methodology, by people from around the world. The code base is solid, reliable, and stable in mission critical deployments in diverse industries.

The best way to explain all this is to show you how @product@ works in four key areas:

  • Web Content Management

  • User collaboration

  • Development Platform

  • Customization

Of course, this is only part of what @product@ can do, but it suffices as an introduction to how it works. Read on to learn about @product@'s web content management features.