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Liferay Faces Bridge Implementation

This is the Reference Implementation (RI) for JSR 378, Portlet 3.0 Bridge for JavaServer™ Faces 2.2 Specification.

The corresponding Application Programming Interface (API) is liferay-faces-bridge-api.


Apache License, Version 2.0


For the latest news and updates, follow @FacesBridgeSpec.

Building From Source

Using Maven 3.x:

mvn clean install

Building the Liferay Faces Bridge Demos From Source

The Liferay Faces Bridge demos can be built seperately from the bridge. The demos can also be built for different versions of Liferay or Pluto.

To build a Liferay Faces Bridge demo from source:

  1. Navigate to the demo you want to build (for example the jsf-applicant-portlet):

    cd liferay-faces-bridge-impl/demos/jsf-applicant-portlet/
  2. Build the demo for Liferay:*

    mvn clean install -P liferay

    Or build the demo for Pluto:

    mvn clean install

Once you have built the demo, the target folder will contain a war that you can deploy to the portlet container.

Alternatively, you can build all the demos at once:

  1. Navigate to the demos directory:

    cd liferay-faces-bridge-impl/demos/
  2. Build the demos for Liferay:*

    mvn clean install -P liferay

    Or build the demos for Pluto:

    mvn clean install

* Note: Some versions of the bridge are compatible with multiple versions of Liferay. For example, the Liferay Faces Bridge 4.x version is compatible with both Liferay 7.0 and Liferay 6.2. To build demos for older versions of Liferay, specify the version in the profile. For example, specify -P liferay62 to build a demo for Liferay 6.2. See the Liferay Faces Version Scheme for more details on the bridge's compatibility with Liferay versions.

Community Participation

Visit the faces-bridge-spec project at to learn how to participate.