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alloy FACES-2192 Refactor the order of Liferay Faces Jars
bridge-api FACES-2174 Move the Liferay SharedPageTop processing from PortletCont…
bridge-ice Updated copyright year to 2015
bridge-impl FACES-2165 Remove PortletContainer.create*URL(String) methods
demos FACES-2142 Value of id attribute for file upload form needs to be con…
doc FACES-2117 Remove vdldoc configuration from 2.x branches
init Updated copyright year to 2015
issues FACES-2159 (REVERT) Enable Liferay IDE to identify Liferay Faces demo…
maven Updated copyright year to 2015
portal FACES-2192 Refactor the order of Liferay Faces Jars
support [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
test FACES-2214 maven-gpg-plugin attempts to sign integration tests which …
util FACES-2008 Develop alloy:paginator (fixed for JSF 1.2)
.gitignore Added additional file extensions to .gitignore for IDEA projects Added links to documentation FACES-2136 Develop liferay-faces:deploy goal for liferay-faces-maven-… FACES-2109 Enable script to fix web-facelettaglibrary…
pom.xml FACES-2131: Gets rid of warnings re: test packaging and prevents some…
settings.xml FACES-1885 Remove all repositories from settings.xml except the publi…

Liferay Faces

What is Liferay Faces?

Liferay Faces is an umbrella project that provides support for the JavaServer™ Faces (JSF) standard within Liferay Portal. It consists of the following sub-projects:

In addition, there are a variety of portlet demos available.


Community Participation

If you have questions about JSF portlets or Liferay Faces, please post a question in the Liferay Faces Forum. Defects and feature requests can be posted in the Liferay Faces Issue Tracker.

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