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modules/sync-web Preparing release for sync-web Android
oauth Update submodule
push Better to check for authentication class name, it's safer as the mess…
samples Reusing format task from mobile-sdk
.gitignore MOBILESDK-25 OAuth implementation
.gitmodules Adding Liferay Push Android and iOS as submodules to push/android and…
Liferay-Sync.podspec Bumping SDK version
Liferay-iOS-SDK.podspec pod trunk wasn't validating because Liferay's page "wasn't reachable" Updating references for Liferay Connector
build.gradle Reusing format task from mobile-sdk
formatter.gradle Reusing format task from mobile-sdk Preparing Liferay Android SDK release
gradlew Migrate to Gradle - Gradle Wrapper
gradlew.bat Migrate to Gradle - Gradle Wrapper
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modules.gradle By default destination should be either src/ or Source/, for modules,…
release-aar.gradle Added release gradle script to be reused by projects
sdk-builder.gradle Make sure Gradle's root project is called "liferay-mobile-sdk" in ord…
settings.gradle Make sure Gradle's root project is called "liferay-mobile-sdk" in ord…

Liferay Mobile SDK logo

Stable releases and documentation for each platform is available at the following links:

The Liferay Mobile SDK is a framework for building native mobile apps that integrate with your different Liferay Portal instances and their portlets. The SDK provides the means for your mobile apps to easily consume Liferay Portal's core web services and the web services of your custom portlets. It wraps Liferay JSON web services, takes care of authentication, makes HTTP requests (synchronously or asynchronously), parses JSON results and handles server side exceptions.

The Liferay Mobile SDK is compatible with Liferay Portal 6.2 and later, and it comes with the Liferay Android SDK and Liferay iOS SDK ready for you to download and use. If you are interested in Titanium or Windows mobile apps, see other platforms.

If all you want is to access Liferay's core services from a mobile app, follow the links above. However, if you want to generate services for your custom portlet, read the SDK Builder documentation.

Other platforms

The Liferay open-source community has built SDKs for different platforms as well:

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