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.github LPS-74034 Auto SF Aug 4, 2017
.gradle/caches/modules-2/files-2.1 Revert "LRCI-406 prep next" Jun 26, 2019
.idea LPS-68060 Generate @override by default. Sep 9, 2016
benchmarks LPS-91612 SF Mar 28, 2019
build-test-batch LRQA-49154 Update Liferay Faces versions/commit hash to latest releas… May 24, 2019
classes LPS-85260 Clean up Tomcat logging Sep 14, 2018
definitions LRDOCS-7168 Fix Service Builder DTD typo Jul 25, 2019
git-commit LRQA-49154 Update Liferay Faces versions/commit hash to latest releas… May 24, 2019
gradle/wrapper LPS-88176 Regenerate Gradle wrapper Dec 17, 2018
lib LPS-102982 ant build-lib-versions Oct 11, 2019
modules LPS-77699 Update Translations Oct 13, 2019
nbproject LPS-103111 Add ant-compress to nbproject properties Oct 11, 2019
oss-licenses LPS-58883 No longer needs these licenses Sep 26, 2015
portal-client LPS-89140 Update portal-client mappings. Jan 16, 2019
portal-impl LPS-102946 Inline WorkflowLockingAdvice. Oct 9, 2019
portal-kernel LPS-102602 New method getCanonialLayoutSEOLink on LayoutSEOLinkManager Oct 9, 2019
portal-test-integration LPS-84119 Update tests Oct 8, 2019
portal-test LPS-102938 Deprecate ProxyModeThreadLocalCloseable and replace with S… Oct 8, 2019
portal-web LPS-100623 Add case to change color in colorPalette Oct 11, 2019
readme LPS-102668 moved to 7.2.x Oct 2, 2019
sql LPS-102671 Build Service. Oct 8, 2019
support-tomcat LPS-84119 Do not declare var Jul 11, 2019
support-websphere LPS-84119 Rename variable '_instance' Oct 8, 2019
tools LRQA-51301 Use correct version Aug 12, 2019
util-bridges LPS-84119 Buy space by combining if statements Jul 1, 2019
util-java LPS-84119 Rename variable '_instance' Oct 8, 2019
util-slf4j LPS-84119 Pass methodcall directly instead of declaring variable first Jul 17, 2019
util-taglib LPS-84119 Add line breaks Sep 30, 2019
.classpath LPS-102982 move to lib/development instead Oct 11, 2019
.gitattributes LPS-72227 Not needed anymore May 1, 2017
.gitignore LPS-102481 Prepare for the merge Oct 4, 2019
.gitmodules LPS-47374 Add content targeting submodule under modules/apps (moved f… Jun 15, 2014
.project LPS-80090 Do not exclude tmp directory as it contains lib-pre jars Apr 25, 2018
CONTRIBUTING.markdown LPS-97493 Auto SF Jun 26, 2019
README.markdown LPS-97493 Auto SF Jun 26, 2019
SLIM-RUNTIME-README.markdown LRDOCS-3092 SF Nov 2, 2016 LRQA-49614 Add jboss argument Jul 9, 2019
build-common-java.xml Revert "LPS-77425 Temporarily disable baseline check for portal-test-… Sep 11, 2019
build-common-web.xml LRQA-49613 Remove Resin scripts and properties Jun 17, 2019
build-common.xml LPS-102797 Keep verbose logging for CI Oct 10, 2019
build-dist.xml LPS-101394 Disable tag pool of Tomcat Jasper Sep 11, 2019
build-maven.xml LPS-78772 Auto SF Mar 19, 2018
build-test-apacheds.xml LRQA-43083 Avoid hardcoding properties Aug 22, 2018
build-test-authentication.xml LRQA-52482 Make login assertion more robust Oct 1, 2019
build-test-batch.xml LPS-99912 Rename deprecated-module-smoke to archived-module-smoke Oct 4, 2019
build-test-db-upgrade-client.xml LRQA-45151 Avoid hardcoding as this breaks the test when it is ported… Oct 3, 2019
build-test-documentum.xml LRQA-27488 Add build-test-documentum.xml to clean documentum repository Aug 31, 2016
build-test-elasticsearch6.xml LRQA-51899 Check if both Elasticsearch6 and the trial license were st… Sep 9, 2019
build-test-elasticsearch7.xml LRQA-52123 Add missing Elasticsearch6 module to blacklist Sep 21, 2019
build-test-jboss.xml LRCI-36 Add stopwatches to startup of servers May 20, 2019
build-test-performance.xml LPS-65323 Auto SF Apr 28, 2016
build-test-plugins.xml LRQA-41548 Make it work on the remaining 6.2 versions Jun 13, 2018
build-test-sharepoint.xml LPS-65323 Auto SF Apr 28, 2016
build-test-solr.xml LRQA-52511 Remove search tuning blacklist for Solr tests Oct 2, 2019
build-test-tck.xml LRQA-51074 Only update the gradle properties if the test is run local… Jul 31, 2019
build-test-tcserver.xml LRCI-36 Add stopwatches to startup of servers May 20, 2019
build-test-tomcat-db2.xml LRQA-25727 match build-test-tomcat-sybase.xml Jun 4, 2016
build-test-tomcat-hypersonic.xml LPS-65323 Auto SF Apr 28, 2016
build-test-tomcat-oracle.xml LPS-65323 Auto SF Apr 28, 2016
build-test-tomcat-postgresql.xml LPS-65323 Auto SF Apr 28, 2016
build-test-tomcat-sybase.xml LPS-65323 Auto SF Apr 28, 2016
build-test-tomcat.xml LRCI-611 Setup testable tomcat when running build-test-tomcat Sep 12, 2019
build-test-weblogic.xml LRCI-36 Add stopwatches to startup of servers May 20, 2019
build-test-websphere.xml LRCI-36 Add stopwatches to startup of servers May 20, 2019
build-test-wildfly-mariadb.xml LPS-65323 Auto SF Apr 28, 2016
build-test-wildfly.xml LRCI-36 Add stopwatches to startup of servers May 20, 2019
build-test.xml LRQA-51388 Add target to copy dictionary file to bundle Oct 10, 2019
build-working-dir.xml LPS-86703 Improve the prepare-working-dir task to optionally merge su… Oct 25, 2018 LPS-102797 Make the logging less verbose during ant all Oct 10, 2019
build.xml LPS-102797 Skip checking the binaries cache for the Ant clean task Oct 10, 2019
changes.txt Undo changes.txt Mar 26, 2016 LRQA-52162 Add accounts test suite Oct 11, 2019
common.bnd LPS-95413 There is DS usage for top level projects May 13, 2019
copyright.txt Update copyright date, use -present Apr 5, 2014
git-commit-blade-samples LRQA-40421 Add a git commit file to track blade sample changes Apr 26, 2018
git-commit-plugins Record reference to liferay-plugins/master with git-commit-plugins as… Sep 27, 2019
git-commit-portal-private Record reference to liferay-portal/master-private with git-commit-por… Oct 11, 2019
git-commit-portals-pluto LRCI-520 Update git-commit-portals-pluto to point to latest commit in… Aug 8, 2019
gradlew LPS-85609 Regen wrapper Nov 10, 2018
gradlew.bat LPS-67794 Regen Gradle wrapper Aug 27, 2016
portal.iml LRQA-49613 Remove Resin scripts and properties Jun 17, 2019
prepare-generated-files.tstamp Prepare regenerated files on master. Oct 17, 2014 LPS-88554 Remove references to Dec 19, 2018
source-formatter-api-signature-check-exceptions.txt LPS-101254 Add check exception Sep 12, 2019
source-formatter-suppressions.xml LPS-84119 Temporarily add suppressions, Alan will revert when violati… Oct 10, 2019 LPS-101593 Remove from SF whitelist. Sep 16, 2019 LRQA-52659 Correct property for OneDrive suite Oct 11, 2019


Liferay Portal

Liferay Portal is an open source enterprise web platform for building business solutions that deliver immediate results and long-term value. Liferay Portal started out as a personal development project in 2000 and was open sourced in 2001.

To get started, check out the project's homepage at!

Product Details

Liferay Portal is built from the source code found in liferay-portal repository and several other related open source projects. It includes features for end users, business professionals, system administrators, and enterprise developers.

  • Modular architecture for maximum flexibility and reliability
  • Portal features for managing users, groups, and permissions
  • Single page applications for blazingly fast performance
  • Rich web services for integrating with other systems
  • Web content management including Personalization and Content Targeting
  • Documents and rich media management
  • Mobile development platform
  • Business forms and workflow
  • Collaboration features such as blogs, wikis, and social networking
  • Consistent and powerful Lexicon user experience
  • Integrated development environment using Liferay Dev Studio

For more details on these and other features, please refer to the user guide or developer guide

Quick Start

To get up and running quickly, follow the steps below:

  1. Download a pre-built Liferay Portal release bundled with Tomcat.

  2. Download and install Java (JDK) 8 (if necessary) in your local environment.

  3. Extract the downloaded pre-built Liferay Portal bundle into a folder.

  4. Navigate to the bundle's liferay-ce-portal-[version]/tomcat-[version]/bin folder and execute startup.bat (Windows) or (Unix/Linux/Mac OS X), depending on your operating system.

  5. A server console opens, which starts your Liferay Portal instance. Once your instance is ready to use, the portal URL address (http://localhost:8080) is automatically opened in your default browser.

  6. You're presented a Basic Configuration page. Complete the configuration options.

    Liferay Portal uses an embedded database (HSQL) to make installation fast and easy. This database is not ready for production, so consider configuring a production-ready database (e.g., MySQL) if you plan on doing more than just exploring/testing.

  7. Agree to the terms and conditions, create a password, and configure a security question/answer.

You can now use Liferay Portal!

For more detailed installation instructions, refer to the deployment guide.

If you wish to build core Liferay Portal or its plugins, read Building Liferay Portal from source code. It includes details on using the repositories and building the software.

Liferay Portal website

The Liferay Portal website is the best place to learn about Liferay Portal.

It has over 200 tutorials, guided learning, and much more. Developer documentation explains

It is also your place to learn hot to participate in making Liferay Portal better:

Liferay Marketplace Developer Portal

If you create apps that you want to share or sell, you can visit Liferay Marketplace Developer Portal to learn how to publish apps to the Liferay Marketplace.

Source Code

Liferay Portal's main source code resides in the liferay-portal repository. Liferay maintains many other repositories related to features and supporting documentation.

Liferay Portal releases are built from the liferay-portal repository. You can build Liferay Portal, its modules, and/or any of the other supporting technologies from their respective folders/repositories.

Stay Connected

There are many ways for you to learn what's new in Liferay Portal, get answers to questions, and connect with other Liferay community members.


Follow us on Twitter:


Read our announcements, engage in discussions, and learn more by following Liferay's Blog Stream.


Do you have questions? Ask them on our very active forums!


Join the conversation on Liferay's Community Chat.


Liferay welcomes any and all contributions! Please read the CONTRIBUTING guide for details on developing and submitting your contributions.


For transparency and insight into Liferay's release cycle, and for striving to maintain backward compatibility, we make a strong effort to uphold the versioning for our software. See the Semantic Versioning article for more information about how Liferay versions software.

Professional Services

If you need professional consultation or help with Liferay and your business, check out the offerings from Liferay, Inc. and its partner network.

The Liferay Development Team

Liferay Portal is produced by the worldwide Liferay engineering team, and involves many hours of development, testing, writing documentation, and working with the wider Liferay community of customers, partners, and open source developers. We are glad you have chosen Liferay Portal, and hope that it meets or exceeds your expectations!

In addition to Liferay's engineering staff, a special thanks goes to the many open source developers who volunteer their time and energy to help with the release, whether it was bug fixing, idea generation, documentation, translations, or other contributions that helped to improve this release.

Liferay Portal Community Edition License

SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1-or-later

Liferay Portal Community Edition is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Liferay Portal Community Edition is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along with Liferay Portal Community Edition. If not, see

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