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Bank of Westeros

The Bank of Westeros application is an example application built with Liferay Screens to manage technical issues in a bank. It allows new user registration with Liferay Portal, editing of existing user details, and editing of other portal content. You can see the app in action here on YouTube. You can also download it using Google Play.


  • Android SDK 4.0 (API Level 14) and above


The Bank of Westeros app currently showcases the following Screenlets:

  • Login Screenlet: Allows users to log in to Liferay Portal. The app uses a custom Login Screenlet (an Extended View that adds a button to show the password characters in plain text.
  • Sign Up Screenlet: Allows new users to sign up with the Westeros Bank portal. The app uses a custom Sign Up Screenlet (an example of creating a Full View) to add a new interactor.
  • Forgot Password Screenlet: Sends an email to the user if they've forgotten their password.
  • DDL List Screenlet: Lists all open issues in the portal. This uses a custom list adapter to show the issues' creation dates, custom drawables, and custom actions.
  • DLL Form Screenlet: Allows creation of new issues, and editing of existing issues. This uses a custom View for the select field to alter the behavior when showing the field label.
  • User Portrait Screnlet: Shows the user's portrait from the portal, using an Extended View to change the border color and width.
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