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Test App

The test-app app is a showcase of all the main Screenlets distributed with Liferay Screens. The app's entry point is MainActivity, which presents buttons that direct the user to other activities containing each Screenlet. All Screenlets are presented the Default and Material View Sets. Before running the app, remember to change server_context.xml to point to your Liferay Portal instance. Note that the user may need to be logged in for some Screenlets to work.


The test application for Liferay Screens has the following dependencies:

  • Material View Set: The test-app presents all Screenlets currently available in both View Sets. You can change the View Set at any time by using the Change Theme button.
  • Add Bookmark Screenlet: A Screenlet created in the Screenlet creation tutorial, and distributed through jCenter.
  • Liferay Screens: Of course, the test-app uses Liferay Screens.


  • Android SDK 4.0 (API Level 14) and above


The test-app currently showcases the following Screenlets:

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