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EcoPortal Documentation

Welcome to the EcoPortal public wiki. This wiki provides user guides and technical documentation for software developed by EcoPortal. Note that this EcoPortal documentation was last updated in February 2021. Please visit our main site for more information about EcoPortal.

Here a list of software developed and maintained by the LifeWatch ERIC Service Centre:

  • EcoPortal - a web-based application for accessing and sharing semantic resources in the ecological domain.
  • EcoPortal REST API - a RESTful API to access EcoPortal content.
  • EcoPortal Virtual Appliance - which contains EcoPortal and the EcoPortal REST API, runs on Linux. Ecoportal uses OntoPortal Virtual Appliance v2.5.

Here is a list of documentation maintained by the LifeWatch ERIC Service Centre:

  • EcoPortal wiki - navigate through the macro areas to find in detail all the user guides and technical documentation.
  • EcoPortal Help - get help with the user interface and instructions for commonly performed tasks.
  • EcoPortal REST API Documentation - see a list of available endpoints with usage instructions.(the original documentation from the NCBO BioPortal)
  • EcoPortal Virtual Appliance - read a Get Started guide and installation instructions.

Mail Support:

  • Mail support - support is available for Questions, Error reports, Feature requests, Semantic resource submissions, etc.

Semantic Resources Development Projects:
Here are some of the semantic resources development projects in which LifeWatch ERIC has participated in:

EcoPortal Macro Areas

About EcoPortal EcoTools Publishing Semantic Resources
About-EcoPortal EcoTools EcoTools
Creating and Editing Semantic Resources DOI Service Developer
About-EcoPortal DOI Service EcoTools

Note: In this documentation "semantic resource" is used as the linguistic notation to identify OWL ontologies, SKOS controlled vocabularies or generic RDF datasets.