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Grails haml support, using JHaml.


First add the following to the "plugins" section in your grails-app/config/BuildConfig.groovy:

runtime ":haml:0.4.1"

Then add the following to your grails-app/config/spring/resources.groovy:

groovyPageResourceLoader(com.cadrlife.jhaml.grailsplugin.HamlGroovyPageResourceLoader) {
    baseResource = "file:."
    pluginSettings = org.codehaus.groovy.grails.plugins.GrailsPluginUtils.getPluginBuildSettings()

You can now have ".haml" files in your views directory. They will be converted to GSPs on request (if using grails run-app) or on war creation.


Ray Myers, with very special thanks to the implementers of the original Haml for Ruby, Hampton Catlin and Nathan Weizenbaum.

This plugin is licensed under the GNU GPL version 3.0, with the exception of the included libraries, which are licensed as follows.

JHaml: GNU GPL 3.0

Google Guava: Apache 2.0

Apache Commons Lang: Apache 2.0