Real-time data mining palette for the BeepBeep event stream processor
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A data mining and trend extraction palette for BeepBeep 3

This project is an extension to the BeepBeep 3, event stream processing engine, called a palette, that provides functionalities to compute various statistical and basic clustering tasks on streams of events.

What is this?

Please refer to the following research paper for detailed information and examples of what this extension can do.

M. Roudjane, D. Rebaïne, R. Khoury, S. Hallé. (2018). Real-Time Data Mining for Event Streams. Proc. EDOC 2018. To appear. DOI: 10.1109/EDOC.2018.00025. ResearchGate

Further documentation might be added to this Readme some time in the future (any help is welcome!).

Building this palette

To compile the palette, make sure you have the following:

  • The Java Development Kit (JDK) to compile. The palette complies with Java version 6; it is probably safe to use any later version.
  • Ant to automate the compilation and build process

The palette also requires the following Java libraries:

These two dependencies can be automatically downloaded and placed in the dep folder of the project by typing:

ant download-deps

From the project's root folder, the sources can then be compiled by simply typing:


This will produce a file called pattheminer.jar in the folder. This file is not runnable and stand-alone. It is meant to be used in a Java project alongside beepbeep-3.jar and commons-math3-x.x.x.jar (the JAR files downloaded by the Ant build script).