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Goslin is the Grammar on succinct lipid nomenclature.

Goslin defines multiple grammers compatible with ANTLRv4 for different sources of shorthand lipid nomenclature. This allows to generate parsers based on the defined grammars, which provide immediate feedback whether a processed lipid shorthand notation string is compliant with a particular grammar, or not.

Overview of Goslin and Tutorials

Goslin 2.0 is currently under development and will support the updated lipid shorthand nomenclature with new structural levels.

Citing Goslin

If you use Goslin or any of the specific implementations in your work, we kindly ask you to cite:

D. Kopczynski et al., Goslin - A Grammar of Succinct Lipid Nomenclature, Analytical Chemistry, June 26th, 2020. doi:10.1021/acs.analchem.0c01690


Related Projects

Test data

  1. testfiles/lipidmaps-names-Feb-10-2020.tsv - generated from LipidMAPS LMSDB export on Feb. 10th, 2020. Filtered all entries without an abbreviation.
  2. testfiles/swisslipids-names-Feb-10-2020.tsv - generated from Swiss Lipids (lipids table) export on Feb. 10th ,2020.

Short samples of lipid names used for testing of the implementations are available from the testfiles directory.


The Goslin grammars are licensed under the terms of the MIT license (see LICENSE).