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Lift CMS Site

The Lift CMS site is statically generated on push using and lives at . The underlying engine behind Telegram is the hoisted static site generator, which is built on top of Lift itself.

Generating the Site

If you want to work on the site yourself, you can download the hoisted.jar file from telegram and then run, from the root directory of this repository:

$ java -jar /path/to/hoisted.jar site compiled

You'll then get a compiled directory with the HTML version of the site!

Releasing a New Version

There are a few steps that are currently manual when a new Lift release goes out, including creating an entry for the Lift version at happening/ and building and updating the API docs in api/.

Adding News

For now, adding news is just a matter of adding an appropriate file to happening/. “Appropriate” requires cloning an existing .cms.xml file and changing the bits that seem relevant. This will be more straightforward soon when Markdown support is merged.


Currently all the documents in the site are .cms.xml files, which are files designed for hoisted to consume. However, hoisted will also happily work with Markdown files, as long as they're named .md. There are still a few hurdles before markdown files will be immediately usable for happenings.


The Lift CMS Site



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