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<lift:surround with="default" at="content">
<script type="text/javascript" src="/scripts/jquery.blockUI.js"></script>
<span class="lift:JSDialog.button">
Destroy Rhode Island
<p>The code:</p>
<style type="text/css">
/* <![CDATA[ */
.comment {
/* font-lock-comment-face */
color: #b22222;
.comment-delimiter {
/* font-lock-comment-delimiter-face */
color: #b22222;
.function-name {
/* font-lock-function-name-face */
color: #0000ff;
.keyword {
/* font-lock-keyword-face */
color: #a020f0;
.string {
/* font-lock-string-face */
color: #bc8f8f;
.type {
/* font-lock-type-face */
color: #228b22;
.variable-name {
/* font-lock-variable-name-face */
color: #b8860b;
/* ]]> */
<span class="keyword">class</span> <span class="type">JSDialog</span> {
<span class="comment-delimiter">// </span><span class="comment">build the button... when pressed, present
</span> <span class="comment-delimiter">// </span><span class="comment">a dialog based on running the _jsdialog_confirm
</span> <span class="comment-delimiter">// </span><span class="comment">template
</span> <span class="keyword">def</span> <span class="function-name">button</span>(<span class="variable-name">in</span>: <span class="type">NodeSeq</span>) =
() =&gt; S.runTemplate(List(<span class="string">"_jsdialog_confirm"</span>)).
map(ns =&gt; ModalDialog(ns)) openOr
Alert(<span class="string">"Couldn't find _jsdialog_confirm template"</span>))
<span class="comment-delimiter">// </span><span class="comment">the template needs to bind to either server-side behavior
</span> <span class="comment-delimiter">// </span><span class="comment">and unblock the UI
</span> <span class="keyword">def</span> <span class="function-name">confirm</span>(<span class="variable-name">in</span>: <span class="type">NodeSeq</span>) =
bind(<span class="string">"confirm"</span>, in,
<span class="string">"yes"</span> -&gt; ((b: NodeSeq) =&gt; ajaxButton(b, () =&gt;
{println(<span class="string">"Rhode Island Destroyed"</span>)
Unblock &amp; Alert(<span class="string">"Rhode Island Destroyed"</span>)})),
<span class="string">"no"</span> -&gt; ((b: NodeSeq) =&gt; &lt;button onclick={Unblock.toJsCmd}&gt;{b}&lt;/button&gt;))
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