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+# Contributions to Lift by non-committers
+From the beginning of the Lift project, Lift has had a very well
+defined and restrictive Intellectual Property (IP) policy. All
+code in the various Lift repositories was created exclusively
+by committers who signed an IP assignment agreement (we adopted
+the Plone IP assignment.) All Lift code was created exclusively
+by the committers and the copyright in such code was assigned to
+an entity that holds the Lift copyrights.
+The reason for the IP assignment and the rigor was that, 6 years ago,
+the way the law treated open source was not as clear. It was also
+very important to demonstrate to corporate adopters of Lift that the
+use of Lift was free of any potential litigation.
+Times have changed:
+* The GitHub model of pull requests is
+prevalent and there have not been legal challenges that I'm aware of.
+* Lift is a well accepted, well regarded framework and has not have
+ any material acceptance issues related to Lift's code provenance.
+So, as of November 12, 2012, the Lift committers have voted 21-0
+to adopt a new contribution acceptance policy.
+We will accept pull requests into the [Lift codebase](
+if the pull requests meet the following criteria:
+* One or more of the following:
+ * Documentation including ScalaDoc comments in code
+ * Example code
+ * Small changes, enhancements, or bug fixes to Lift's code
+* Each pull request must include a signature at the bottom of the
+ `/` file.
+I look forward to seeing how Lift will continue to grow with the new
+contribution policy.
+#### David Pollak ####
+By submitting this pull request which includes my name and email address
+(the email address may be in a non-robot readable format), I agree that the
+entirety of the contribution is my own original work, that there are no prior
+claims on this work including, but not limited to, any agreements I may have with
+my employer or other contracts, and that I license this work under
+an [Apache 2.0]( license.
+### Name: ###
+### Email: ###

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