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MemoizeSpec: apply(key, default) does not return a Box

No idea how this used to pass
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commit 329dcff5365c7459784971a79809e5ca1d1adf65 1 parent 3743913
@nafg nafg authored
2  web/webkit/src/test/scala/net/liftweb/webapptest/MemoizeSpec.scala
@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ object MemoizeSpec extends Specification {
"Request memo should work in the same request" >> {
S.initIfUninitted(session1) {
requestMemo(3) must_== Empty
- requestMemo(3, 44) must_== Full(44)
+ requestMemo(3, 44) must_== 44
requestMemo(3) must_== Full(44)
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