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Fix a test

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commit 5beac0ad32c8ef5cc993ac129a03891e2743a9b5 1 parent c173ea1
Joni Freeman authored nafg committed
5 core/json/src/test/scala/net/liftweb/json/SerializationExamples.scala
@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ object SerializationExamples extends Specification {
"Case class from type constructors example" in {
- val p = ProperType(TypeConstructor(Chicken(10)), (25, Player("joe")))
+ val p = ProperType(TypeConstructor(Chicken(10)), Pair(25, Player("joe")))
val ser = swrite(p)
read[ProperType](ser) mustEqual p
@@ -374,4 +374,5 @@ case class OptionOfTupleOfDouble(position: Option[Tuple2[Double, Double]])
case class Player(name: String)
case class TypeConstructor[A](x: A)
-case class ProperType(x: TypeConstructor[Chicken], t: (Int, Player))
+case class Pair[A, B](fst: A, snd: B)
+case class ProperType(x: TypeConstructor[Chicken], t: Pair[Int, Player])
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