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Reverting back to 2.9.0 since dependencies (specs, scalacheck) aren't…

… available yet.
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1 parent 908906d commit 8af14c00ce305ab94f2384aa44f91be691cc97d9 @indrajitr indrajitr committed May 27, 2011
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@@ -3,5 +3,5 @@ project.organization=net.liftweb
-build.scala.versions=2.8.1 2.9.0-1 2.8.0
+build.scala.versions=2.8.1 2.9.0 2.8.0

6 comments on commit 8af14c0

ijuma commented on 8af14c0 May 31, 2011

It looks like libraries won't necessarily be released for 2.9.0-1 since it's binary compatible. You may want to add some logic to your build file so that it chooses the one for 2.9.0 if the version if 2.9.0-1.

Of course, you may also decide to emulate them and just release for 2.9.0 and not bother with binaries for 2.9.0-1.


Yes, unfortunately looks like, we would have to resort to circumventing the %% convention.
We would like to have 2.9.0-1 binary since we suspect the need would be there anyway.


Sorry I didn't realize that there was no specs_2.9.0-1. There is now:


Superb! Would make the necessary changes in a short while. Thanks guys.

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