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Merge branch 'master' into nafg_wip_scala210

* master:
  Css: Parse failures return ParamFailure, not Empty
  Only catch Exception
  Use ThreadLocalRandom in StringHelpers.randomString on Java 7.
  Fixed #1330 - HTTP basic authentication not working in 2.5
  Do not escape unnecessarily ranges which JSON spec does not require. Fix memoization
  Fix off-by one when escaping control char in JSON
  Added a method to release all the long polling connections
  Allow, once again, to bind anything that is convertable to NS=>NS
  Remove ToCssBindPromoter implicits in package object
  Make AjaxRequestInfo track a Long version id.
  Guard for JS number size overflows.
  Track sequence numbers of arbitrary length.
  Implement the meat of AJAX deduplication.
  Add tracking for AJAX requests in LiftSession.
  Drop the timeout on comet-related AJAX requests.
  Encode an AJAX request version in the request URI.
  Move uriSuffix extraction into lift_ajaxHandler.
  Fix deadlock in SoftReferenceCache apply function.
  Changed *Var backing store to concurrent hashmap
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2 parents b97cecf + e5e3f7e commit ba17a0dedac176767506d4dc95221f3964ae19f7 @nafg nafg committed Oct 24, 2012
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