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Jetty JNDI issue with LiftActor's scheduler #1036

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Tomcat fix in ticket 1001 causes Jetty JNDI issues for LiftActor's scheduler. Jetty 6.1.24-6 on Ubuntu 11.04, Java 1.6.0_22, MySQL driver configured via JNDI and DefaultConnectionIdentifier.jndiName.

On Jun 7, 8:52 pm, David Pollak wrote:

Can you put together a reproducible example? I'd like to see what the core
issue is.

Sure. Please check
Let it run with jetty-run. This works for 2.3, but fails after a few
seconds with 2.4-M1.
If I comment
d setContextClassLoader null
in core/actor/src/main/scala/net/liftweb/actor/LAPinger.scala it also
works against a local 2.4-SNAPSHOT.

Okay... looks like the JNDI code is looking to figure out its context via
the thread's contextclasspath and when it's null, bad things (tm) happen.

dpp commented

Updating tickets (#1025, #1029, #1036, #1049)

dpp commented

(In [[r:4776886b0be6168f53915e821734e47eb553cc2e]]) Closes #1036. Makes nulling the context class loader optional

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@dpp dpp Closes #1036. Makes nulling the context class loader optional 4776886
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