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Exception: cannot construct Atom(null) #1091

indrajitr opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Indrajit Raychaudhuri David Pollak github-importer
Indrajit Raychaudhuri

We've run across a situation using 2.4-M2 where the following exception occurs with no stack trace and the UI hangs:
[pool-2-thread-5] ERROR net.liftweb.util.Schedule - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: cannot construct Atom(null)

Winnowing it down...
def all(in: NodeSeq): NodeSeq = page.flatMap(item =>
bind("item", in,
"starRating" -> (if (item.hotel.diamondRating == null) "" else item.hotel.diamondRating)
The startRating line used to be just
"starRating" -> item.hotel.diamondRating
but when some data showed up unexpectedly dirty, diamondRating can be null when it should instead be blank.

See discussion at

David Pollak

(In [[r:e1cf30cd737010e058ca4b4d07110defbc2ef093]]) Closes #1091. Better null testing and better Elem testing for bind() and CSS Selector Transforms

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Eric Torreborre etorreborre referenced this issue from a commit in etorreborre/framework
David Pollak dpp Closes #1091. Better null testing and better Elem testing for bind() …
…and CSS Selector Transforms
This issue was closed.
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