Add "Remember Me?" checkbox for extended sessions #1103

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d6y commented Sep 2, 2011

Users have asked for a way to add a "remember me" checkbox to enable/disable the setting of the ext_id cookie. Mailing list thread:

I'd suggest:

  • the ability to add a checkbox with user specified text (e.g., "remember me on this computer?")
  • ability to default the checkbox to checked or not checked
  • if checked, allow ext session code to work as normal. If not checked, do not set the ext session cookie.
    • presumably this impacts both login screens and registration screens.

If there are code changes, I'd be willing to update the wiki page accordingly.

Additionally, in the UK next year, web sites will need to get permission before setting non-essential cookies, which we believe would include the extended session cookie.


dpp was assigned Mar 1, 2012


Shadowfiend commented May 12, 2014

Would this be in the ProtoUserExtendedSession stuff, or elsewhere?


d6y commented Sep 17, 2014

Regarding my comment for the EU cookie stuff, I'm fine and don't need any changes.

Regarding the original request from @KenMcDonald, I believe that would be in relation to the ExtendedSessions documentation on the Wiki and is Mapper specific.

Other implementations (such as MongoAuth and MapperAuth) already implement this via isRemember, which might well be enough. Personally, I'm now handling things things more client-side and I don't need changes.

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