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Allow multiple ajax-loader images per page #1135

tuhlmann opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Currently it is only possible to display one element (mostly called "ajax-loader") that is shown during an ajax call.

There are use cases where it's desirable to have multiple elements per page and choose the "right" ajax-loader per ajax call.

For instance if I have a page with two subwindows, each of the pages showing content that can be separately reloaded from the server I'd like to see the ajax-loader images next to the "Load More" button I just clicked.

@dpp dpp was assigned

Hmm… I'm tempted to close this ticket. I'm not sure Lift should be in the business of dealing with AJAX loaders at all (providing the start/stop AJAX hook for people to do that on the client makes much more sense). Maybe we should open up a discussion the list?

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