Incorrect ReentrantReadWriteLock usage in SoftReferenceCache #1365

RomezzBorisov opened this Issue Nov 21, 2012 · 3 comments


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the apply method could possibly call remove method, so the write lock will be acquired from under read lock, which will cause the thread to hang.


Shadowfiend commented Nov 21, 2012

Please discuss this on the mailing list before opening an issue. See for the ML and more on how community interactions work in the Lift community. Looks like you mean that the write lock is acquired while it is already being held by the class, though. Bring it up on the list, we'll have a look.


nafg commented Nov 22, 2012

Maybe instead of closing issues, we should have a label "pending public discussion"?


Shadowfiend commented Nov 22, 2012

I think if we're going to have this policy, we should be strict about it. Otherwise, it isn't obvious how important it is to us. It speaks to a greater focus on the community rules. Willing to hear more discussion on the matter, though. Maybe best done on the Lift committers list?

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