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contextPath is always empty string for CometActors #1495

fmpwizard opened this Issue · 5 comments

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@fmpwizard fmpwizard was assigned
@farmdawgnation farmdawgnation modified the milestone: 2.6-M4, 2.6-M3
@Shadowfiend Shadowfiend modified the milestone: 3.0-M2, 2.6-M4

Punting this to 3.0-M2.


just a heads up, looks like I have a fix for this, but It isn't ready for code review yet, works on a simple comet app, but I'd like to do more testing before asking for feedback.


… That was completely bizarre. I was just looking at this issue* lol.


Really cool!


@Shadowfiend in that case, I just pushed this branch diego_issue_1495

What this does is for CometActors, calling S.request gives you Empty, instead of the fake Req that we get by calling Req.nil.

This in turn let's S.contextPath do the right thing, and get the context path from the session.

The one thing I'm not too happy with is how I set the ThreadLocal that contains the current Req as null for the comet, on the other hand, ThreadLocals have a .box method that handles null values just fine.

Maybe I'll open a WIP PR so you can all see the changes using github's UI and we can discuss it more there

@fmpwizard fmpwizard closed this in #1613
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