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MockHttpServletRequest fails to handle parameters with empty values #1515

dmclean62 opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Donald McLean Antonio Salazar Cardozo Diego Medina
Donald McLean

It is legal, and common, for get requests in the real world to specify parameters with empty values, either using "parameter=" or leaving out the = and just including the name. Unfortunately, MockHttpServletRequest throws an exception when encountering either of these forms, throwing an "invalid query string" exception.

Invalid query string: "=1389304329528&sEcho=7&sSearch=&iDisplayLength=10"
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid query string: "
at net.liftweb.mocks.MockHttpServletRequest$$anonfun$queryString_$eq$1.apply(MockHttpServletRequest.scala:219)

ML conversation: .

Antonio Salazar Cardozo

This was taken care of by #1516.

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