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Make SHtml.[input] return Elem with AnswerHolder[T] #349

nuttycom opened this Issue Feb 17, 2010 · 2 comments

3 participants


It would be useful for the SHtml methods that generate form elements to return an object which supports a method to return the data captured during the submission of that form element. This would allow a use pattern that avoids potential timing issues related to setting the values of vars via a closure, as is currently the common use pattern for the SHtml form elements.

See and for details.

As an alternative to naming this "AnswerHolder" it occurs to me that the common name for this sort of interface in mocking frameworks is Capture[T].


Lift Web Framework member
dpp commented Mar 27, 2010

Don't have time to get it done right today. :-(

@dpp dpp was assigned Mar 1, 2012
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