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Problem with Db.runQuery and NUMERIC results #36

jeppenejsum opened this Issue Jul 22, 2009 · 5 comments

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I'm using adhoc queries and I'm running into a problem where the results
of aggregate functions get mapped to integers:

I have this

val (,result) = DB.runQuery("SELECT AVG(vt.fuel_efficiency), vt.fuel_type, vt.category FROM "+
"vehicles v JOIN vehicle_types vt ON v.vehicle_type_id= "+
"WHERE v.account_id=? "+
"GROUP BY vt.fuel_type, vt.category "+
"ORDER BY vt.fuel_type, vt.category",

in Postgres, the first column is returned as NUMERIC, ie with decimals, but in

private def asString(pos: Int, rs: ResultSet, md: ResultSetMetaData)

we have this:


which seems wrong.

So... numeric should be rs.getDouble(pos).toString ?

Yes, or BigDecimal. Same goes for DECIMAL I think. "The recommended Java
mapping for the DECIMAL and NUMERIC types is java.math.BigDecimal" [1]


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dpp commented Aug 25, 2009

Special treatment for NUMERIC and DECIMAL closed by 9a592cd94f24c4eb2a7f443d227dd7f28741be74

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I'll check in this fix to 1.0.1 shortly.

Lift Web Framework member

Checked in and deploying now.

@dpp dpp was assigned Mar 1, 2012
This issue was closed.
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